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Microblading Specialist
 Providing professional Microblading services by a Certified PhiBrow Artist.
Classically trained by PhiBrows GrandMaster.  Offering all your Microblading needs in a comfortable and inviting setting.   


Microblading $475.00,
6 week touch up $100

Limited Appointments Available.

All of Ieva's microblading reviews are 5-Stars

How many artists do you know that have all 5-star reviews? Ieva's microblading is so good that her average review score by her satisfied clients is a perfect 5.0. Not a single customer has left anything less than five stars.

Ieva is recognized by the exclusive European based PhiBrows Association as a PhiBrows artist, this means she has mastered natural-look microblading

On average it takes a minimum of 3 to 4 months and 150 hours of practice for an artist to master all 11 levels of the PhiBrows technique and certification for microblading perfect natural-looking brows. Ieva has achieved all 11 levels of certification to become officially recognized by the European based PhiBrows Association. Ieva's artist number is BBIK05174236.​

Customers say, Ieva takes the time to make sure you are happy with the shape of your new eyebrows

Helen Cecutti said, "I have had my eyebrows done before but this was the best experience! Ieva took the time to ensure I was happy with the shape and patiently answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend Ieva as she is very meticulous and very gentle."

At the beginning of the appointment, Ieva will do a mini-consult with you to understand what you want your brows to look like. Immediately after the consult, Ieva will use her advanced training in brow symmetry and design from the world-class Micropigmentation Center to perfectly shape your brows for YOUR face.

Natalie McDonald claims that nothing you've done to get perfect brows before this compares to microblading by Ieva

Natalie said, "I have spent years and countless $$$ on eyebrow pencils, gels, brow tinting services....I have even had eyebrow extensions. Nothing compares to the microblading I received from Ieva."

Ieva is able to give you perfect eyebrows because she went to a school highly recommended by top plastic surgeons in the United States for learning natural-look microblading

Ieva completed her microblading training at Micropigmentation Centre. According to Dr. Karen Harrington, based in Santa Cruz, California, Micropigmentation Centre, located in Toronto, is recognized by top plastic surgeons in the United States as the strongest program to learn natural-look microblading.

Ieva completed over 190 hours of training to perfect the art of beautiful, natural-looking brows

Ieva invested over 190 hours in training to complete the exclusive PhiBrows Academy certification and Micropigmentation Centre training.

PhiBrows Academic training allowed Ieva to master techniques to draw realistic hair strokes on your brows. For example, when drawing your eyebrow strokes, strokes are always drawn in the direction of your natural brow hair growth. This makes your microbladed brows look completely natural and real.

Ieva completed color theory training to perfectly match the color of your skin tone and your natural eyebrow hair, as well as brow symmetry techniques to ensure that both of your brows look perfect for your face. Other artists can leave brows looking uneven. Ieva's techniques give your brows a hyper-realistic look.

With Ieva's skills, many of your friends won't be able to tell you had any work done on your brows!! They'll only notice you suddenly look YOUNGER and MORE ATTRACTIVE.​​

Ieva uses HIGHER QUALITY ink, for LONGER LASTING natural color

Ieva spends extra on her ink because better ink helps your eyebrows keep their color longer and gives a more accurate color match for your skin tone as your eyebrows continue to heal. Ieva's PhiBrows ink has no iron oxides, no nickel, and no heavy metals. Ieva also uses ink manufactured by the strict standards of Micropigmentation Centre. Their ink is shipped from Canada to over 42 countries. Their ink is so precisely manufactured that they flew in custom-made equipment all the way from Germany, just to meet their standards.

Ieva works in an IMMACULATE, CLEAN, and HYGIENIC work environment

BOOK NOW by clicking the button below because Ieva's schedule can fill up quickly! You can also text or call Ieva at 416-804-6749 to make your appointment.

Ieva's microblading starts at a reasonable $450, with the first touch-up costing only $100. If you've looked at other artists before, you already know this is a great price. But as you continue your search, please let us know if you can find any other artists this skilled at a price that is so reasonable.

Ieva has only 2 or 3 openings on most days. To book your appointment while there are still openings, simply press or click the Book Online button below and follow the steps to schedule your appointment.

Ieva is happy to answer any additional questions during your mini consultation before your eyebrow transformation starts. You can also call or text Ieva, to discuss your appointment, at 416-804-6749.

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